Angler’s Loop aka Fisherman’s Loop

Angler’s Loop

(also known as the Englishman’s and Fisherman’s loop)

Angler's loop

An Angler’s loop is a type of knot which forms a fixed loop. Useful for fine or slippery line, it is one of the few loop knots which holds well in bungee cord. It is quite secure but it jams badly and is not suitable if the knot will need to be untied.

  • Uses: The Angler’s Loop is the easiest way to tie a small loop in the end of a leader or tippet which lies perfectly in line with the standing end.
  • Tying it: This knot is most easily tied in the hand. Hold the first loop between finger and thumb. Wrap the second turn round the finger and thumb and then between the two loops. Tuck the second turn through the first, checking that the loop crosses and traps the end. It can also be tied through a fly or lure by passing the free end.
  • Advantages: The Angler’s loop creates a stable loop which lines up neatly with the standing end.