klondike derby 2014

The Klondike derby consists of stations where patrols/units must test their Scoutcraft skills and their leadership abilities, earning points towards a total score. The unit must transport their gear on a homemade sled and pulled by the Scouts.

Scouts camp out at the site the night before as part of the Klondike Derby Freeze Out.

Can your Patrol handle the tasks set forth in the Klondike Derby?  Are you up for the challenge?  Each year’s Klondike Derby will have a theme. Stations may range from the expected, to the unexpected and may include orienteering, first aid, fire, shelter building, pioneering and more.

As a Patrol, you will pull a sled full of gear around a course through the woods, visiting a number of Klondike towns on the way.  At each town, you will have a task to complete. You will use your knowledge, teamwork skills, leadership, and Scout spirit to earn points!